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The Beginning of the End

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


‘Ju On’ ranked number 1 as ‘The scariest film series’ in the Japanese horror movie history, ‘Ju On 3: The Beginning of the End’ enjoyed a Hollywood remake and seized the entire world with terror.


Yui (Nozomi Sasaki) takes on responsibility as a form teacher for a 3rd year primary school class at very short notice. One of the pupils, Toshio Saeki, has been refusing to come to school for a while so she visits him at home. Since that day, inexplicable phenomena start to happen to her. The house turns out to be the "cursed house" where everyone who sets foot in the place dies in strange circumstances. Saeki family's past gradually comes into the open. Strange cases unfold one after another. But Yui comes back to the house and enters, as if she is drawn in by the house. Is this happening due to the karma of those who died holding a strong grudge? What is the hidden secret of the "cursed house"?


Youtube video: Encore Films


Above: Nozomi Sasaki. Known as Nozomi during her fashion modeling career, she is a Japanese glamour model and former professional fashion model from Akita.



Film details:

Director: Masayuki Ochiai

Cast: Nozomi Sasaki, ShoAoyagi, Reina Triendl

Genre: Horror

Language: Japanese (With English and Chinese subtitles)

Where: GV Cinemas

When: Opens 24 July 2014



For more information, visit www.gv.com.sg/moviedetails/gv_moviedetails_3219.jsp and www.facebook.com/encorefilms.



Photos: Encore Films, Golden Village PicturesPosted by Lester Boey in Entertainment on 22 Jul 2014


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