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Hello! Japan August Highlights

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Movie of the month: A cheerful gang turns the earth


Hello! Japan August Highlights include new special premiere 'Weekly Yamasaki-Kun', New Season 'Dreaming Journey Season 2', Season Finale 'Gochi Dinner is on you Tonight!', Drama 'My mommy is a Ghost!' and movie of the month 'A Cheerful gang turn the earth’. The channel is currently available on the StarHub’s complimentary tier, Free View, on Channel 149.



Weekly Yamasaki-Kun (New Special)

Premiere: 14 August, Thursday, 7pm

In this special episode of Weekly Yamasaki Kun, Hello! Japan brings you the latest Ramen Restaurants and their special ramen from the Kumamoto prefecture.


Cast: MC: Koichi Ohtaguro, AyanoKakinoki

Reporter: KanameYamauchi, Akira Fukuda



Dreaming Journey Season 2 (First and Exclusive)

New Season: Every Thursday, 9pm

Bringing you the best selection of famous travel spots from all over Japan! Local delicacies unique to that area will also be featured.


Cast: Oowada Shinya



Gochi Dinner is on you Tonight! (Season Finale!)

Date/Time: 05 - 19 August, Tuesday, 8pm

Watch celebrities compete in the show as they place orders off the menu at fancy restaurants without knowing the price. Whoever’s bill come up to be the most off the target will have to pay for everyone’s meal!


Special Guests: Professional Golfer Ai Miyazato and Sumo Wrestler Kazuhiro Kotoshigiku



A cheerful gang turns the earth (Movie)

Date/Time: 31 August, Sunday, 9pm

A human lie-detector, one with an extremely accurate biological clock,a young light-fingered pick pocket and a speech expert, the four happen to beat a scene of a bank robbery. One day, as the four continue their bank heists a rival gang appears and steals the money while ruining their perfect plan...


Cast: Takao Osawa, KyokaSuzuki, ShotaMatsuda, Koichi Sato



Another highlight is the weekly drama 'My mommy is a Ghost!' starting from 24 August, Sunday, from 7.55pm to 9.10pm. Subsequent episodes will start from 8pm to 9pm. Casting include Yukie Nakama, Ikki Sawamura, Mirai Shida, Yuuma Kimino, Serina, Yuma Sanada, Muga Tsukaji and Katsuhisa Namase.


For more information, visit www.hellojapantv.com.



Photos: Hello! JapanPosted by Lester Boey in Entertainment on 26 Jul 2014


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