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Charge your smartphone up to eight times*

Friday, 08 August 2014


Meet the CP-B20, a new USB Portable Charger from Sony that has a battery capacity of a whopping 20,000mAh that have the ability to charge your smartphone up to eight times*.


The aluminum-bodied CP-B20 comes with a 4 LED indicator and four USB output ports with the ability to quickly replenish up to four USB chargeable devices simultaneously at the maximum fast-charging output of 6.9A. Containing a Sony-made Lithium-ion battery, the portable charger utilises a proprietary Hybrid Gel Technology that allows it to retain more than 90 per cent of its capacity even after 1,000 charges.


* Actual chargeable capacity varies depending on battery condition, storage condition and portable device. 

The new CP-B20 USB Portable Charger from Sony will be available in black, and at a recommended retail price of S$149.00 from mid-August 2014 onwards.


For more information, visit www.sony.com.sg.



Photos: Sony SingaporePosted by Lester Boey in Technology on 08 Aug 2014


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