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Watch 'LOVE HOKKAIDO' on Hello! Japan

Monday, 01 September 2014


Only on HELLO! JAPAN. Catch the latest episodes of 'Love Hokkaido' even before broadcasting in Japan featuring Li Qiang, Isis and Megumi Ohno. Two new premieres include Taking Train and Wonder Nippon! in this September.



Taking Train (First and Exclusive)

Premieres: 16 September, Tuesday, 7.30pm

HELLO! JAPAN take you on an exciting 2 days 1 night adventure by train travelling into Kyushu based on the itinerary of a travel brochure! Find out the exquisite delicacies of the locals and discover treasures of Japan like the Kumamoto Castle!


Cast: Mr.Yonesuke, Mr Ryo and Ms.Naomi Watanabe. 




Wonder Nippon! (New Special)

Premieres: 20 September, Saturday, 7pm

Mr. Chief Editor, Kojima (Unjash) is in charge of gathering information with foreign student reporters for a guidebook dedicated to foreigners visiting Japan - WONDER NIPPON. Join Kojima Kazuya (Unjash), Ozaki Miki and Lisa to explore Japan with the eyes of a foreigner on how they are living in Japan and learn useful tips for travellers to Nippon wonderland!




Love Hokkaido (First and Exclusive)

New Episodes: Every Saturday, 7:30 pm

Discover delicious food made with local resources and admire the wonders of Mother Earth in this northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido. With an array of vast mountains and volcanic plateaus, fall in love with Hokkaido and her picturesque nature and feel the warmth from the friendly locals!

Cast: Li Qiang, Isis, Megumi Ohno




Faraway Heaven (Movie of the Month)

Date: 28 September, Sunday, 9pm


Synopsis: Chizuru, a 23-year-old typical Japanese female office worker, is socially clumsy, poor at romance and unhappy with her job. Being weary from busy and stressful city life, she seriously desires to end her life somewhere far away from the city and leaves for deep in the mountains, where she finds one guest house. Then she attempts to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills in the guest house but she fails… 


Cast: Rosa Katou, Yoshimi Tokui



The channel is currently available on the StarHub’s complimentary tier, Free View, on Channel 149.

For more information, please visit www.hellojapantv.com



Photos credit: Hello Japan!



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