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Happy Times with Orion Beer

Friday, 19 September 2014


Since Orion Breweries came to be in 1957, its popularity grew to become Okinawa’s favorite beer and Japan’s top five beers. Orion Draft Beer is authentically Japanese because its makers ensure the beer’s quality by keeping the brewing the bottling process within the Orion Brewery walls in Japan. This is owing to Orion’s insistence on using only natural spring water from a mountain near the brewer, coupled with the meticulousness and dedication of its brewers.


On top of that, to enhance the flavor of the beer, Orion sees to a well-crafted beer by permitting solely handpicked high-grade barley and hops to be matured for the brewery process.


Photo credit: Orion Breweries, Ltd


The Orion Draft Beer bottle presents itself in a very masculine yet classic manner with its bistre glass bottle and metallic gold label announcing “For Your Happy Time”. Pouring out the beer, one would notice its pale gold champagne color with a light hint of fizz. It also forms a thin white cap with slight lacing.


Easy on the palate, Orion Draft Beer is light in body and mild in bitterness, with hints of its premium hops. The flavor of sweet malt is apparent, infused with citrus and woody notes, all of which follow closely to its aroma. Its light scent of toasted rice also gives the beer an unassuming personality.


In terms of mouth feel, there is a light amount of carbonation followed by a smooth and silky texture. This results in a non-overpowering aftertaste and therefore clean finish. 



Overall, the beer is brilliant for light drinkers at its 5% alcohol content. Its refreshing taste would serve well in a hot and humid climate. Appreciators of the classics must also try Orion Draft Beer for a noteworthy product of a time-honored process.


For a delicious pairing, try Orion Draft Beer with Wasabi peanuts for its irresistable combination of zesty, sweetness and tanginess. Otherwise, it is also perfect for a barbeque party or hotpot feast.


For more information, visit www.orionbeer.co.jp



Orion Beer is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 6748 7820.


Photos: Orion BeerPosted by Rachel Ooi in F&B on 19 Sep 2014


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