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KURO Diamond or KURO Pearl (Black 黒 Burgers)

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Above: KURO Pearl by Burger King Japan


Burger King Japan officially introduced two Black burgers at its outlets yesterday, totally black. The bun, cheese, wrappers and tray are all black except for the meat. Kuro (黒) is a Japanese word for the color 'Black' and BK Japan will only be offering these burgers for a limited amount of time!


KURO Pearl set is priced at ¥750 (approximate S$8.70) and a-la-carte burger at ¥480 (S$5.60) while KURO Diamond set is priced at ¥1050 (S$12.20) and a-la-carte burger at ¥690 (S$8.02).


KURO Diamond by Burger King Japan



From left: Black Bun and Black Cheese



Source / Photo credits: Burger King Japan


Photos: BK JapanPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 20 Sep 2014


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