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Saturday, 27 September 2014


The Easygoing Police! © NTV


Watch The Easygoing Police! drama marathon on this Hari Raya Haji, 4 October,  from 8am to 6pm. Based on the book ‘The Easygoing Police’, written by Kei Nitadori and published by Publisher Kawade Shobo Shinsha Ltd. 


Don’t be fooled by her sweet innocent appearance… freshly out of college, young CHINAMI UMIZUKI (Emi Takei) is a new police officer who is dispatched to the 18th Investigation Division. Despite her cute looks, she is a candidate for an executive position due to her passing of the prestigious state exam, yet she is given a-cold -shoulder welcoming from everyone else at the division. Her colleagues see her as a policeman of titular rank lacking experience in the actual field…


Cast: Emi Takei, TAKAHIRO, NoritoYashima, Takayuki Kinoshita, Mari Hamada, Satoshi Tokushige, Toru Nomaguchi, KentoShibuya, Toru Tezuka, ErenaMizusawa, KazutoyoKoyabu, ShiroSano, Akira Enomoto, GoroIbuki, YOU, Tsutomu Sekine, Hiromi Kitagawa





09 October, Thursday, 10.30pm

© Wao Corporation


WAO! Ryu Japan opens the door to true blue Japanese subculture! The young and funky format promises an array of Japanese culture ranging from Anime, Manga, Game, Fashion, Idol to even the Traditional Arts. Stay tuned and be intrigued as the programme presents today's amazing Japan!


Cast: Various hosts from Anime characters to local fashion reporters.




JIN-FINAL (J IN−仁−FINAL), New Episode

30 October, Every Thursday to Sunday, 8pm

Award winners:

Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Screenwriter, Best Director at the 69thTelevision Drama Academy Awards

Best Drama, Best Supporting Actor, Asia Award, Special Award, at the 2011 Tokyo Drama Awards

Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, at the 15thNikkanSports Drama Grand Prix



Two years have passed since Jinslipped through a time warp and landed in the Edo period at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate’sreign. Worried about the state of depression into which Saki has fallen, Jinpays a visit to her native home when it is revealed that her mother, Eihas been stricken with beriberi disease. According to her elder brother Kyotaro, Saki had come home to urge her mother to see a doctor only to be sent away without even being allowed in the home as Eihad not yet forgiven Saki for previously breaking off an arranged marriage proposal. In hopes of somehow saving Ei, Jincomes up with a scheme to administer medicine-laced sweets, for which Eihas a weakness.


Cast: Takao Osawa, HarukaAyase, Miki Nakatani, Masaaki Uchino




We wish to be Milky Holmes (Anime)

09 October Thursday, 11pm

© Production Committee


It has been 2 years since the appearance of the notorious ‘Thieves Empire’, and the brave detective girls who stand in their way, ‘Milky Holmes’.  A moment of tranquility has arrived in the streets of Yokohama. This is where Kazumi Tokiwa and Alice Myojingawa, two 12 year old close friends reside. Attending different detective academies, they often meet after school and work hard towards becoming detectives. One fine day, the pair witnesses a Thief escaping on the streets.


Cast: Mimori Suzuko, Tokui Sora, Sasaki Mikoi, Kitta Izumi



Top Left: Global Messenger (Exclusive), New Episode from 9 October, Every Thursday 10pm.

Top Right: Love Hokkaido (First & Exclusive), New Episodes, Every Saturday, 7:30 pm.




The channel is currently available on the StarHub’s complimentary tier, Free View, on Channel 149.

For more information, please visit www.hellojapantv.com


Photos credit: Hello Japan!



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