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A Silver Bottle with a Golden Taste

Friday, 03 October 2014


The Ginga Kogen Beer (Silver Bottle) is a traditional German hefeweizen (otherwise a wheat beer) that comes in a 300 ml eye-catching cobalt blue bottle. Full bodied, the beer is unfiltered by nature to bring out the richness of the beer yeast. It pours out a pale gold and effervescent body while leaving a foamy white head, which dissipates quite shortly and leaves spots of lace. 


Creamy wheat, banana and spicy clove notes are present in taste, which makes this beer true to a hefeweizen. It also makes this intriguing Japanese beer fruity and rich, though the hop notes were insignificant but present hence leaving a slight bitterness through the malt. 

In terms of mouth feel, the Ginga Kogen Beer (Silver bottle) is moderately carbonated and not overwhelming due to its sweet and creamy nature. It is therefore smooth and easy to drink, with a semi-tart but refreshing finishing. The aromatic notes of light wheat are apparent, alongside a hint of lemon, resulting in a citrus and fruity scent. Upon closer inspection, one can detect a subtle element of ginger and bubblegum. 


Overall, the Ginga Kogen Beer (Silver bottle) is a delicious traditional German-style wheat beer that is flavorful and well blended. This beer is perfect for fusion seekers who seek a good German and Japanese marriage of beer making. This beer promises to be fresh and of premium range.


Ginga Kogen Beer Company from Iwate Sawauchi, which is the heaviest snowfall area in Japan, delivers the charm of the beer based on German traditional technology. 



Ginga Kogen Beer is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 67487820.



Source: Ginga Kogen Beer


Photos: Ginga Kogen BeerPosted by Rachel Ooi in F&B on 03 Oct 2014


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