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The Greatest Thief of 3 Generations

Wednesday, 08 October 2014


Currently screening in cinemas, Lupin The Third (Lupin III鲁邦三) is a Japanese action film based on the iconic manga by Monkey Punch, featuring Shun Oguri, Tetsuji Tamayama, Gō Ayano, Meisa Kuroki, Tadanobu Asano and Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan. Upon its release, the film secured second place at the box office in Japan.


Movie: (PG13/Some Violence)

Director: Ryuhei Kitamura

Genre: Action/ Adventure

Language: Japanese

Running Time: 133 min
Screening: Golden Village, Cathay Cineleisure, Filmgarde


YouTube video credit: Encore Films


In possession of the Red Diamond is the Navarone Security Company, Asias largest security firm, under its shady CEO Pramuk, who also rules the Thai underworld. Meanwhile, the necklace is owned by Thomas Dawson, who rose to notoriety as former partner of the Lupin the Phantom Thief, Lupin IIIs grandfather. While Pramuk and Dawson eye each others halves of the Crimson Heart, Interpol Inspector Koichi Zenigata vainly pursues them both, but is eluded at every turn.

When Dawson moves to anoint Lupin III as next leader of The Works, a syndicate of thieves under Dawson s sponsorship, it sparks an uprising by Lupins rival in the group, Michael Lee. Eventually, Lees mutiny leads to the death of Dawson, tipping the scales of power in the thieving world to Pramuk and paving the way for him to steal the necklace. Lupin III recruits Daisuke Jigen, Fujiko Mine and Goemon Ishikawa to help him penetrate the massive security fortress, Arc of Navarone, and steal back the treasure. But is it a death trap? And what tragic fate does the treasure portend? This October, Lupin III begins his first and greatest heist!


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Source: Encore Films

Photos credit: Encore Films


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