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Mojito or Gin? Try Choya cocktail recipes

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Choya Mojito


Whether you are making a Mojito or Gin cocktail for yourself, there are several options for these concoctions. One of these recipes includes Choya (Umeshu), a liqueur designed to be enjoyed casually, and it can be drunk in a variety of ways.


Here are a few ideas for how to enjoy CHOYA cocktails:


Credit: Choya Umeshu 


CHOYA Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Muddle the brown sugar, mint leaves, and lime wedges together in a tumbler.

Add the CHOYA and carbonated water.



• 45ml CHOYA

• 2 Teaspoons brown sugar

• 8 Mint leaves

• 2 Lime wedges

• Carbonated water



Credit: Choya Umeshu  


CHOYA Gin Cocktail Recipe
Mix the CHOYA and gin in a martini glass, serving over crushed ice if desired.


• 7 parts CHOYA

• 3 parts gin



Choya is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd. Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 67487820.



Source: Choya


Photos: Choya UmeshuPosted by Admin in F&B on 12 Oct 2014


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