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World's Largest Fireworks

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Photo credit: Toshihiro Watanabe and Facebook.com/kounosuhanabi


Held in the city of Konosu in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, a new Guinness World Records had been set for the World's Largest Aerial Fireworks Display at the 13th Konosu Firework Festival (こうのす花火大会) on 11 October 2014. The event was organised by the Konosu Junior Chamber of Commerce.


A 8:39 minute video of the Firework Displays was shared on YouTube, produced by AQUA Geo Graphic - an Underwater and Japanese video production and stock footage company in Japan. Hai Japan found this video on Youtube and decided to share and promote this great video production!


Credit: AQUA Geo Graphic 


The new record was certified by a Guinness World Records official. 



Source: Konosu Chamber of Commerce Youth


Photos: Toshihiro Watanabe and Facebook.com/kounosuhanabiPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 15 Oct 2014


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