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Solid Gold features DJ Izoh (威蔵), Japan

Friday, 17 October 2014


Photo credit: Dj Izoh's official facebook page


Solid Gold features DJ Izoh (威蔵), Japan, with KoFlow on this Saturday, 18 October, at Velvet Underground, Zouk Club. DJ Izoh started DJ from the age of 15 and had claimed DMC World Final champion and DMC World Japan champion in 2012.


DJ Izoh (2012 DMC World Champion) X Anarchy. YouTube video credit: R-rated Records 



Source from Zouk's website: Solid Gold is a Hip Hop culture collective comprising DJ KoFlow and Felix of the Radikal Forze Crew. Their aim is to bring Hip Hop in its very best dance essence to the forefront of the club scene. From Funk to Disco, from Reggae to Dancehall, from Boom Bap to Trap, the sounds you can expect during the night come from an array of various genres past to present that have shaped Hip Hop.


Admission for non-members (inclusive of 2 drinks): $28/33. 


Image credit: Zouk's facebook page 



For more information, visit ZoukClub.com


Photos: Dj Izoh (威蔵)Posted by Admin in Nightlife on 17 Oct 2014


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