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SoftMachine: The Trailer Show

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Gonzo: Untitled Movements (Image Credit: screen capture SoftMachine: The Trailer Show)


As part of da:ns festival 2014, ‘SoftMachine: The Trailer Show’ is an exhibition of contemporary dance documentaries, the research process and interview archives from Singapore, Indonesia, India, Japan and China. The visual arts project by Choy Ka Fai, investigates the contemporary status of dance across Asia to inspire a new series of choreographic experiments and creation.


One highlight is the 33 sec video clip (01:27 to 02:00) featuring performance group, contact Gonzo, based in Osaka, Japan. Based on physical strength, agility, and trusting relationships, contact Gonzo, a collective of untrained dancers, has powerfully balanced elements of contemporary dance, performance art, and urban and popular cultures.



An expedition into the choreographic landscapes of Asia a project by Choy Ka Fai :


SoftMachine: A Trailer (2014). Credit: Soft Machine 


'SoftMachine: The Trailer Show' is currently screened at the Esplanade Tunnel from 27 Sept 2014 to 4 Jan 2015, in three installments.


Since 2012, Choy Ka Fai has travelled to 13 cities in five countries to meet and interview contemporary dance makers. Through these encounters, he collected an independent archive of video interviews with 88 choreographers, dancers and curators.


For more information on da:ns festival 2014, please visit www.dansfestival.com



Source: da:ns festival 2014 / SoftMachine


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