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Japan's biggest sensation (makes a comeback!)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Photo credit: screen capture McDonald's Ebi 2014 30s TVC, McDonald's Singapore


The Japanese shrimp-filled Ebi burger was first introduced to Singapore in November 2013 for a limited period. A year on, McDonalds' Ebi burger is making a comeback and bringing along two news sides - Mango Pineapple pie and bubbly White Peach McFizz. The Ebi burger comes with a single or double shrimp patty while the Mango Pineapple pie is wrapped in a flaky crust.



Watch McDonald's Ebi TVC featuring the Ebi girl and her superstar friends: 


Video credit: McDonald's Singapore 



Source: McDonald's Singapore


Photos: McDonald's SingaporePosted by Admin in F&B on 28 Oct 2014


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