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かんぱいKanpai with Keith Norum

Friday, 31 October 2014


We were pleased to have Miyasaka Brewery’s ambassador, Keith Norum, at Kensai Kitchen last evening to share about the Masumi Sake premium range and the concept behind the Eight-Day Sake Dining Experience at Liang Court which will be held from 17 November 2014.


As an industry veteran and Head of Overseas Operations at Miyasaka Brewing, Keith Norum hosted a closed-door event to talk about the art of drinking sake and pairing Masumi sake with Saba miso (Saba mackerel marinate with miso which is slightly sweet), Gindara (Sweet and creamy miso), Torimomo (Chicken marinated with vinegar, sour and juicy) and Subuta (Pork collar, Sweet and sour) - prepared by chef from Kensai Kitchen.


For more information on Masumi Dining Experience, please visit www.haijapan.com/masumi.


Centre: Paul Twohill and guests 



Mr Norum shared about the four Masumi labels which include Nanago, which bursts with regional character, is brewed Yamahai style using Masumi’s own yeast number 7 and Japanese Miyama Nishiki rice. Sanka, translated as mountain flowers, which is the perfect invitation to the world of premium sake. Its fresh aroma and elegant taste is popular internationally in cities such as New York and Hong Kong.


In addition, the Karakuchi Kiippon is one of the pillars of the Masumi brand as a light, fragrant Junmai Ginjo. Last but definitely not least, the Karakuchi Gold is clean, with a light taste and mild aroma, which is a perfect accompaniment to light, delicate cuisine.


L-R: Masumi Nanago, Sanka, Karakuchi Kiippon and Karakuchi Gold 



Masumi is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 6748 7820.


Photos: Hai JapanPosted by Admin in Sake & Shochu on 31 Oct 2014


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