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The longest sushi roll in Japan

Saturday, 01 November 2014


Photo credit: Kesnnuma Public Relations


At the Kesnnuma fishing port on the northeastern coast of Japan, Kesennuma city located in Miyagi Prefecture, nearly 1300 people took part in the making of the country's longest sushi at 322 meter.


It took around 187 pounds of tuna, approximate 1,212 pounds of harvested rice and 1,700 sheets of Nori seaweed for the attempt to achieve the Japan’s longest sushi record on 26 October 2014.


In 2011, most parts of Kesennuma City were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. The island of Oshima and its 3,000 residents were isolated by the tsunami which damaged the ferry connections.


Photos credit: Kesnnuma Public Relations 


Source: Kesnnuma City


Photos: Kesnnuma Public RelationsPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 01 Nov 2014


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