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The Curious Passenger and more this November!

Wednesday, 05 November 2014


The Curious Passenger 行きたがリーノ (Photo credit: TSS / Hello Japan)


Rediscover the charms of Japan through the eyes of a foreigner. Follow host Hidetsugu Shibata (柴田英嗣), a member of comedy unit ‘Untouchable’, as he travels around with a foreigner in a mini bus called The Ikitagarino, to the places and meet with different people from different backgrounds. What do they discover and experience in the many events that take place? Stay tuned on StarHub’s complimentary free view Channel 149 on every Friday at 7.30pm.



Weekly Chronicles of Akagawa Jiro 週間赤川次郎 :
Photo credit: © 2007 Shukan Akagawa Jiro production committee / Hello Japan 


Starts 04 November Tuesday 11pm


Shot and produced into a 13 part series that includes three stories in each episode, this mystery based drama is a collection of short stories by prolific author AkagawaJiro and will definitely keep you in suspense.

Cast: Sayuri Iwata 岩田さゆり, Jin Katagiri 片桐仁



Left: Cool Dimension クールディメンション. Right: OMOHARA TV オモハラ TV 



Movie Pick of the Month: Cool Dimension クールディメンション:

First & Exclusive Premieres 09 November, Sunday, 9pm


Three leather clad, cool and glamorous lady assassins clad in red and black leather, Shiori, Mika, and Junko, win over guys with intelligence and attractive bodies. Their mission is to eliminate a target with a disc that contains vital information to a politician’s scandal. But then comes an intruder also after the same information and the battle begins. Cast: Kenichi Endo, Yoko Mitsuya, MitsuhoOtani, Mika Shigeizumi, Satoshi Matsuda, Satoshi Nikaido





Starts 06 November Thursday, 7:30pm


Omotesando and Harajuku are well known state-of-the-art city of pop culture. These cities have great influence not only in Japan, but also all over the world. As the source for the latest culture and new era of talented artists, the hosts will be sharing the brand-new contents that every youth in Tokyo is following.

Cast: KechinDa Kochin(ケチン•ダ•コチン), HikariShibata (柴田ひかり)



Source: Hello Japan


Photos: TSS / Hello JapanPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 05 Nov 2014


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