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Money / Flower : An Ant Colony

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Yukinori Yanagi - Money/Flower, September 27 - November 9, 2014, installation view, Michael Janssen Singapore


Japanese conceptual artist Yukinori Yanagi held his first solo exhibition, entitled ‘Money / Flower’ in Singapore and Southeast Asia at Michael Janssen Gallery located at Gillman Barracks. The exhibition, held from 27 September to 9 November, featured two series of works from Yanagi’s Ant Farm Project (1994- ongoing) - Money and Study for American Art.



To present iconic images, artist Yukinori Yanagi first poured colored sand into Plexiglas boxes to recreate these images before releasing live ants into them. Roaming freely, these ants tunneled through the sand, transporting and mixing sand grains, creating patterns that inadvertently transform these images. 




In ‘Money’, a series comprising solely of images of currency notes, the ant becomes an allegory for urban life and social organization; bringing up issues of entrapment, forced accommodation, migration and constraint - a reality and consequence of today’s restless urban culture as they go about what they have been programmed to do, unwittingly dismantling these normally static and rigidly protected power symbols as a result of mindless industry.



Michael Janssen Singapore is located at Gillman Barracks, No. 9 Lock Road, #02-21, Singapore 108937.

Website: www.galeriemichaeljanssen.com 
Tel: 6734 894




Source: Yukinori Yanagi / Michael Janssen Singapore

Photos credit: Yukinori Yanagi / Michael Janssen Singapore


Photos: Yukinori Yanagi / Michael Janssen SingaporePosted by Admin in Arts & Culture on 12 Nov 2014


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