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Unforgotten OSHIN

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Photo credit: ©NHK


Many may have forgotten Oshin but the hot favourite Japanese Serial TV drama is back and it will be screening from 8 December 2014, Monday to Friday, at 7pm on HELLO! JAPAN - Starhub cable vision channel 149. The TV drama aroused widespread interest as it brings out various issues Japanese people are facing, from parent-child relationships, marital relationships, and family’s roles to meaning of life.


Photo credit: ©NHK 


The drama depicts the life of a woman named Oshin who was born to a poor tenant farm household in a remote village in 1901, when Japan was beginning to modernize, and who lived through turbulent years, overcoming unfathomable hardships and becoming the owner of a big supermarket chain.


Cast: Nobuko Otowa, Yûko Tanaka, Ayako Kobayashi


Photos credit: ©NHK 





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