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Asanoya Bakery opens today, 2pm to 11pm

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Asanoya's signature tea bread. Price: $4.80 a loaf


Opening to public from 2pm to 11pm today, everyone get to enjoy 20% off all bread and beverages, whilst stock last, at the newly opened Asanoya bakery at Wilby Central at No. 15 Queen Street. Some of the bakery’s signatures include Tea Bread, Fruits Rye, Karuizawa Blueberry, Karuizawa Raisin and Mapple Walnut (メープルウォールナッツ).


One of the popular Asanoya's products in Japan is the Fruit Rye which consists of French orange peel, rum-soaked raisins, lightly crushed walnuts and roasted almonds. 


Asanoya’s Fruit Rye. Price: $12.50 full loaf and $6.50 half loaf 


Another highlight is Karuizawa bread which is charged by weight. This signature comes in flavours of blueberry, green tea, caramel, raisin and sakura. Price: $2.60 for 100g.


Asanoya’s Karuizawa Blueberry. Price: Price: $2.60 for 100g 


Asanoya’s Karuizawa Blueberry. Price: Price: $2.60 for 100g 



Last but not least is the Maple Walnut (メープルウォールナッツ) which is priced at $3.20 each.


Asanoya Bakery opens Monday to Thursday from 10am to 8pm, Friday from 10am to 11pm, Saturday from 8am to 11pm and Sunday from 8am to 8pm



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Source: Asanoya Bakery Singapore

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