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Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Screen captured from Rakuten.com.sg


Japan's number one online shopping mall, Rakuten, will be hosting Singapore's first Japan Gourmet Festival at WAttention Plaza this November. The popular festival in Japan since 2010 will be featuring top merchants from Rakuten's online marketplace in Japan to Jurong Point Shopping Mall from 25 November to 4 December 2014.


The 10 days festival will feature approximate 100 types of premium seafood, confectioneries, desserts and highlights include Uji Green Tea Daifuku, Premium Crab Bento, Ginza Apple Kuchen, Special cheese scallops, Melon Soft Serve, Salmon Wrapped in Kelp, Warabi Mochi, Tuna and seafood Chirashi, Marusei Butter Sand, Chocolate Sand and more.



Event: Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival

Date: 25 Nov - 4 Dec 2014

Venue: WAttention Plaza, Jurong Point Shopping Mall, Basement 1



Source: Rakuten Singapore


Photos: Screen captured from Rakuten.com.sgPosted by Admin in F&B on 15 Nov 2014


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