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Desigual Semi-naked Party 2014 東京 Tokyo

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Photo credit: Screen captured from YouTube video 'Desigual Seminaked Party 2014 Tokyo'


Semi-naked parties have been organised by Spanish clothing brand, Desigual, for several years now and since 2005, the parties took place in big cities like Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Milano and other countries including Japan. In most parties, complimentary clothing apparel will be given to the first hundred customers in their swimsuit.


The first Desigual semi-naked party in Japan was held in June 2013 at Harajuku store, Tokyo, followed by the second one in 2014. Let’s enjoy how the parties work:


Desigual Seminaked Party 2014 Tokyo, 21 June 2014 (YouTube video credit: Desigual / sibch.tv) 



Seminaked Party / Undie Party - Desigual - アジアで初開催!ついに東京上陸!

Tokyo - Spring/Summer Edition 2013 (YouTube video credit: Desigual)



PS: Will we be seeing this in Singapore? Probably not...we guess!


Photos: Screen captured from YouTube VideoPosted by Admin in Fashion on 18 Nov 2014


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