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Chochin Design: Art of Japanese Paper Lantern

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Lit of Chochin, Japanese paper lanterns, along outdoor of Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay. These traditional lanterns are usually hung outside of Japanese restaurants to advertise their menu speciality to passers-by and diners. They are often used as a form of outdoor branding for sponsors.

Chochin are cylindrical Japanese lanterns made out of fine paper stretched over a spiral bamboo frame. In olden days, during the Edo period, people needed Chochin whenever they went outside at night.

However today, Chochin can only be seen in some restaurants, at events or matsuri (Japanese festivals). At times, plastic Chochin with electric bulbs or battery-operated lanterns are produced as novelties and souvenirs.

Above: Entrance of Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay.

Above: Chochin display lit up along the stretch of Clarke Quay.



Where: Outdoor of Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay

Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-04, Clarke Quay Singapore 179020



Photos: Hai JapanPosted by Admin in Arts & Culture on 27 May 2014


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