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What you missed last weekend: WEAVER (Japan)

Monday, 24 November 2014


Photo credit: Skechers Sundown Festival


Skechers Sundown Festival closed with 16 Asian artistes cross 11 countries last Saturday night at Marina Promenade. One Asian group included the sensational Japanese piano rock band, WEAVER. The members are Yuji Sugimoto (Piano & Vocal), Syota Okuno (Bass & Chorus) and Toru Kawabe (Drum & Chorus).


The Japanese piano-rock outfit WEAVER got Singaporean audiences roaring with surprise when the three members played a mashup. Their performance included songs 'Time will find a way', 'Mashup', 'Hard to say I Love You' and 'Freewill'.


Photo credit: Skechers Sundown Festival 


Talented members WEAVER jam on one piano at Skechers Sundown Festival.

From Left: Shoto Okuno, Yuji Sugimoto and Toru Kawabe (Photo credit: Skechers Sundown Festival)


WEAVER drummer Toru Kawabe giving it all at Skechers Sundown Festival

(Photo credit: Skechers Sundown Festival) 


WEAVER Main Vocal and Piano Yuji Sugimoto at Skechers Sundown Festival 2014

(Photo credit: Skechers Sundown Festival) 


From Left to Right: Main vocal and piano Yuji Sugimoto, Bassist Shoto Okuno

(Photo credit: Skechers Sundown Festival) 



Source: Skechers Sundown Festival


Photos: Skechers Sundown FestivalPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 24 Nov 2014


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