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Sex Change Day セクスチェンジ・デー

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Photo credit: Screen captured from Tomo News video


A Yoshida high school in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, held an unusual event on 11 November 2014.  The activity and the day have been dubbed as “Sex Change Day” where male and female students exchanged uniforms to come to school wearing the uniforms of the other gender. The non- compulsory event began in 2013 and 299 students participated in the gender-role stereotypes activity in 2014.


The objective of the ‘Sex Change Day’ was to allow students to understand and observe things differently.



School kids swap skirts and pants for the day for equality fun (Video credit: Tomo News) 



Source: Tomo News


Disclaimer: HaiJapan.com in partnership with Tomo News to feature the above article.


Photos: Screen captured from Tomo News videoPosted by Admin in Videos on 25 Nov 2014


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