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'I love you' in 47 different ways

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Photo credit: Screen captured from 告白メークコレクション 北海道・東北・北陸/篇|資生堂 Shiseido


It may be easy to say 'I Love You' in Japanese like 好きです suki desu, 愛しています aishite imasu or 愛してる aishiteru to your loved ones.  How about saying that in the dialects of each of Japan’s 47 prefectures 


In the campaign 'Kokuhaku Makeup Collection’ (Declaration of Love Makeup Collection) from cosmetic maker Shiseido, 47 ladies stepped up to the camera to declare their love message in Japan. Take a few minutes to watch some of these videos of women saying 'I love you': 


告白メークコレクション 北海道・東北・北陸/篇|資生堂 (YouTube video credit: Shiseido) 



告白メークコレクション 関東・甲信越/篇|資生堂(YouTube video credit: Shiseido) 



More videos can be found here.


Source: Shiseido


Photos: ShiseidoPosted by Admin in Videos on 29 Nov 2014


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