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Superb value Donburi Sets (Must-Try)

Wednesday, 03 December 2014


Koji Sushi Bar at 3 Pickering Street focuses on quality fresh sea produce, speed and affordability in the day to cater to office crowd. Lunchtime crowd can look out for the superb value Donburi sets include our signature Chirashi Don marinated with special tangy sauce and our chef’s recipe of Salmon Avocado Tartare Don.


Served with Miso soup and Salad and priced at $17++ per bowl, these two recommended sets are a MUST-TRY Donburi. Other Donburi sets include Salmon and Roe Rice Bowl ($17++ per bowl), Tuna Tartare Rice Bowl ($17++ per bowl), Pork Cheek Rice Bowl ($17++ per bowl), Eel Rice Bowl ($17++ per bowl) and Wagyu Sukiyaki + Gohan ($25++ per bowl).


Koji Sushi Bar is located at 3 Pickering Street, #01-42, Singapore 048660. Tel: 6225 6125 


Photo credit: Koji Sushi Bar 


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Photos: Koji Sushi BarPosted by Admin in Restaurants on 03 Dec 2014


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