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Stand By Me Doraemon ドラえもん

Wednesday, 03 December 2014


Photo credit: Stand By Me Doraemon facebook page


Doraemon is here! The wait is finally over. The 96 minutes movie 'Stand by Me Doraemon' will be screened in cinema on 11 December 2014 in Japanese with English and Chinese subtitles. 'Stand by Me ドラえもん' is a 2014 Japanese 3D computer animated film based on the Doraemon manga series and is directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryūichi Yagi.


Official Stand By Me Doraemon facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/StandByMeDoraemon


Youtube video credit: PurplePlanSG 



In the suburbs of Tokyo sometime ago, there lived a clumsy boy about 10 years old. There appeared in front of him a boy named Sewashi, Nobita’s descendant of four generations later from the 22ndcentury,and Doraemon, a 22ndcentury cat-type caretaker robot who helps people with its secret gadgets.


Sewashi claims that his family is suffering from the debts Nobita made even to his generation, so in order to change this disastrous future, he brought along Doraemon as Nobita’s caretaker to bring happiness to his future, although Doraemon is not happy about this. And so Sewashi installed an accomplishment program into Doraemon forcing him to take care of Nobita. Unless he makes Nobita happy, Doraemon can no longer go back to the 22ndcentury. This is how the life of Doraemon and Nobita begins.


Will Doraemon succeed this mission and return to the 22nd century?



Photos: Stand By Me Doraemon facebook pagePosted by Admin in Entertainment on 03 Dec 2014


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