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Jidaigeki 時代劇 films on Hello Japan!

Thursday, 04 December 2014


ZENIGATAHEIJI 銭形平次 (Photo credit: ©ユニオン映画)


This December, HELLO! JAPAN brings you a selection Japan’s most entertaining content and one highlight includes one of Japan’s most culturally important genres Jidaigeki 時代劇. Jidaigeki literally means ‘period drama’ and these action films that glorified Japan’s Feudal era are usually set during the Edo period (1603 to 1858) in Japanese history and often depict the lives of farmers, samurai, shoguns, government officials and merchants.


Catch three films of this genre:



PRINCESS ATSU 篤姫 (First & Exclusive on Hello! Japan)

Premieres 07 December, Sunday, 8pm
Photo credit: © NHK 



This saga of Princess Atsuis set in 19th century Japan, in the waning years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The power of the last Shogun is dwindling, and a growing movement seeks to restore actual sovereignty to the Imperial Throne. In the midst of what history will identify as the end of samurai society, Princess Atsuis born to an influential samurai family in the provincial domain of Satsuma. Elevated suddenly to prominence when she marries the Shogun at age 21, in a year and a half Princess Atsuis a widow. Her family's hereditary domain takes up the Imperial cause and advances upon the Shogunate's castle in Edo (present-day Tokyo.) But Princess Atsuand the 1,000 female retainers remaining in the castle surrender peacefully. They successfully navigate the shoals of a strictly male-dominated society. 


Cast: Aoi Miyazaki,Eita, Masato Sakai




ZENI GATA HEIJI 銭形平次 (First & Exclusive on Hello! Japan) 
Premieres 10 December, Tuesday, 10pm

Photo credit: ©ユニオン映画 



This remake of the age old classic manga tells of a policeman in Edo-period Japan, Heiji, whose trademark is to use a coin as a weapon as he tracks down criminals with wits and deduction. Together with his trusty sidekick Hachigoro, they are a law enforcement team not to be trifled with.


Cast: MorioKazama 風間杜夫




HISSATSU SHIKAKE NIN 必殺仕掛人(First & Exclusive on Hello! Japan)

Premieres 11 December, Wednesday, 10pm

Photo credit: Hello! Japan 



Otowaya Hanuemon, who runs an employment agency by day, is secretly a leader of a team of highly skilled hit-men. His team consists of Nishimura Sanai, a samurai without a master, and Fujieda Baian, an acupuncturist. They earn their keep by slaying brutes and ridding the town of evil people.


Cast: Ken Ogata緒形拳, Yoichi Hayashi 林与一, Sou Yamaura 山村聰, Tamao Nakamura中村玉緒




Telecast information is correct at time of print and may be subjected to changes.


Source: Hello! Japan


Photos: ©ユニオン映画Posted by Admin in Entertainment on 04 Dec 2014


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