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Man 'chopped' 145 packages of noodles

Thursday, 04 December 2014


Photo credit: screen captured from Tomo News video


In the city of Nagano prefecture, Japan, a no doubt stressed 50 year old man was arrested after destroying an incredibly large number of noodles in a supermarket. Using his bare hands, the man 'karate chopped' his way through at least 145 packages of different types of noodles.


No word yet, though, on how exactly the noodles offended his honor. 



Dude loses his s**t inside supermarket, karate chops 145 packages of noodles (Video credit: Tomo News) 



Source: Tomo News


Disclaimer: HaiJapan.com in partnership with Tomo News to feature the above article.


Photos: Screen captured / Tomo NewsPosted by Admin in Videos on 04 Dec 2014


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