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Kikusui Sake in a POUCH?

Sunday, 07 December 2014


Photo credit: Kikusui Sake Co Ltd


A Niigata 新潟 sake brewery has recently made sake portable and lessen the hassle on the opening and closing of bottle cap. Known as the Kikusui smart pouch, Kikusui sake co., ltd introduces two sake ranges filled in a 1500ml pouch: Kikusui white smart pouch ® and Dry smart pouch of Kikusui ®.


The smart pouch comes with handler at the top and a dispenser at the bottom that prevent the entry of ‘air’ after pouring. Without any oxidation reaction, the taste and aroma of the sake still remains as refreshing as it is packed.


菊水 白スマートパウチ (Youtube video credit: Kikusui Sake Co Ltd) 


Although the Kikusui smart pouch is not available in Singapore, we are still able to enjoy other Kikusui ranges like the ‘Kikusui Karakuchi’, ‘Sakamai Kikusui’ and ‘Kikusui Junmai Shu’ in certain Japanese restaurants or supermarkets.


From left: Kikusui Karakuchi, Sakamai Kikusui and Kikusui Junmai Shu 


Available in 300ml, 720ml and 1800ml, ‘Kikusui Karakuchi’ has a captivating smoothness and crisp dry finishing and can be enjoyed on the rocks or warm. ‘Sakamai Kikusui’, available in 720ml and 1800ml, is the only sake in the world made with the legendary Kikusui sake rice that has a rich aroma and gentle crisp dryness. Lastly, the ‘Kikusui Junmai Shu’ can be warmed for a rich, mellow taste, or served chilled for a clean slightly dry finish and is available in 300ml, 720ml and 1800ml bottles.



Kikusui sake is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 6748 7820.



Photos: Kikusui SakePosted by Admin in Sake & Shochu on 07 Dec 2014


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