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Awamori: Another Japanese distilled beverage

Friday, 12 December 2014


Kosyu Kura (Photo credit: Helios Distillery)


We know much of Sake and Shochu but not many of us are aware of this Japanese distilled beverage called Awamori (泡盛). Pronounced as ‘A-wa-mo-re’, it is an alcoholic beverage distilled exclusively in Okinawa, Japan, from long grain Indica (Thai) rice and Okinawan black Koji. These spirits are among the most flavorful and sought after Shochu due to their taste, flavors and aging process.


The best way to enjoy Awamori is the simple way: drink it straight, in cocktails or on the rocks. Two highlights of Awamori include Tanrei Ryukyu Bijin and Kosyu Kura:


Tanrei Ryukyu Bijin 


Won the Gold prize and Best in Class prize in International Wine and Spirit Competition 2005, Tanrei Ryukyu Bijin has delicate, refreshing taste and floral fragrance. It’s clear and crisp flavor brings out the flavor of foods and their ingredients which pairs well with all kind of food including Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes.



Kosyu Kura is widely known for their mellow aroma, mild yet rich taste and its distinctive amber color. Awamori aged three or more years become special Awamori, called 'Kusu' and they are aged in specially chosen 70-100 year old white oaks from North America made of the highest craftsmanship - The combination of Oak Barrel and Black Koji makes Kosyu Kura uniquely.


Meantime, enjoy Awamori from Okinawa Japan!




Tanrei Ryukyu Bijin and Kosyu Kura are distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

Website: www.whistler.com.sg

Tel: +65 67487820


Photos: Helios DistilleryPosted by Admin in Sake & Shochu on 12 Dec 2014


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