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Motobu Beef in Singapore?

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Motobu beef has reached our shore this December and is available exclusively at En Group of restaurants. Also known as High Quality No. 1 Wagyu from Okinawa, what is Motobu beef actually? 


Motobu cattle were born and fattened up in Yanbaru of Okinawa where it has a rich nature. The cattle are given unique and fermented feed that are added with lactic acid bacterium and brewer's grains that are drained from Orion Beer. This feed contains a lot of dietary fibers, which increases unsaturated fatty acids.



A general Kuroge Wagyu (Black Japanese Beef) has a ratio of 55% of unsaturated fatty acid while Motobu beef has a higher ratio of 58% which is more tender and sweet in flavor. With 7 consecutive wins in Okinawa Stock Raising Expo since 2006, Motobu beef also won an ‘Outstanding award’ in 2013 which is is the grand prize equivalence at Japan National Livestock Agricultural Competition.



Dining: Z’en Japanese Cuisine features a 10 course set with free flow of Wagyu served in Shabu Shabu at $68++. While En Japanese Dining features a Wagyu yakiniku semi-buffet with 10 accompanying Okinawa dishes at $58++.


Where: En Japanese Dining Bar @ ALOCASSIA is located at 383 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01, Alocassia Apartments while En Japanese Dining Bar and Z’en Japanese Cuisine are located at UE Square, River Valley Road.



Photos: En Japanese Dining BarPosted by Admin in Restaurants on 20 Dec 2014


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