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Japanese Cuisine 京ごはんたべ

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Photo credit: © KBS


Kyoto is often said to be where Washoku, or traditional Japanese cuisine, originated from. Even in a city like Kyoto where the beauty of every season fully manifests itself in the scenery in the streets, the Kagai, the traditional Geisha district, is thought to be the most refined and elegant areas in the city.


One of the traditions from the Kagai culture is known as Gohantabe. Originally used to refer to the act of taking out the Maikos for a meal, it now means to go out for a good meal with just about anyone generally. In this show, we seek out the savoury tastes associated with that tradition and the hospitality befitting of that refined culture.


To find out more, watch the new series, Japanese Cuisine 京ごはんたべ, on Hello! Japan (StarHub TV Channel 149) every Friday from 2 January 2015 at 8:30pm.



Source: Hello! Japan


Photos: KBS / Hello! JapanPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 23 Dec 2014


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