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Join Fukusuke 福助 this Japanese New Year

Friday, 26 December 2014


In celebrating the Japanese New Year or commonly known as 正月 or Shogatsu, Liang Court will be introducingFukusuke 福助 and a series of activities from 26 December to 11 January 2015. Fukusuke is one of the Japanese cultural characters which is believed to increase the fortune and bring good luck


Other highlights include Taiko Drum performance and Sake opening ceremony (Kigami-biraki) on 1 January, Mochi pounding demonstration on 3 January and Fortune Telling by Not-for-Sale which consists of 7 members including 6 fortune-tellers and 1 MC on 3 and 4 January 2015.


Sake Opening (Kigami-Biraki) by Meidi-Ya Supermarket (Photo credit: Liang Court) 


Mochi Pounding Demonstration by Meidi-Ya Supermarket (Photo credit: Liang Court) 


Also look out for Tampopo Food Street offering a variety of foods and fruits flown-in from Japan such as Wago fuji apples (Yamagata prefecture 山形県) and Meidi-Ya Japan New Year Fair from 26 – 31 December 2014.


Wago fuji apples (Photo credit: Liang Court / Tampopo) 


For more information, you may visit www.liangcourt.com.sg or make a trip down this festive celebration!



Source: Liang Court


Photos: Liang CourtPosted by Admin in Shopping on 26 Dec 2014


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