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Have you gotten your Fukubukuro?

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Display of Fukubukuro (Photo Credit: © JNTO)


With 4 days left to the New Year, Fukubukuro or lucky bags (or even known as mystery bags) are a special New Year’s treat for Japanese people. One of the fun New Year’s activities in Japan is the shopping sales called Hatsuuri 初売り which translate as the first shopping sale of the new year where red and white bags are displayed in department stores.


Highlight of Hatsuuri is the sales of Fukubukuro, said to be filled with luck, and many believe that this surprise bag will bring blessing and fortune. Merchants usually filled random items (such as bags, fashion apparels, shoes or others) and packed into grab bags and sell them at special discount price. Fukubukuros are always limited and sold from 1 to 3 January during Hatsuuri, but the assortment of items in the bags is always worth several times more than the buying price.



Have you gotten your Fukubukuro or should we say, can you buy luck?



Photos: © JNTOPosted by Admin in News on 28 Dec 2014


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