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A look at Tokyo and Kanagawa Buffet Specials

Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Photo: Monja Yaki


Expect a tantalising selection of specialties from Tokyo and Kanagawa at Kuishin Bo restaurants in Great World City and Jurong Point from 5 January to 29 March 2015. One highlight is the Monja Yaki (top image), a Kanto-style Japanese savoury pancake where the dish is said to have originated from the Tsukishima district of Tokyo. Finely chopped cabbage, dried shrimps and shredded squid are stir-fried with the batter and come in a range of flavours such as mentaiko (spicy cod roe), curry and mochi.


Second highlight is the Hamaguri Chanko Nabe (above) which is a popular hot pot of Hamaguri clams and assorted vegetables in a variation of famous Tokyo stew.



Others specialties include: 

Akauo Daikon - Simmered ocean perch with white radish.



Fukagawa Toji - Japanese clams with scrambled egg in Donburi sauce.



Ika Yaki - Grilled Japanese squid.



Among the desserts include Kaminari Okoshi which is a crispy rice snack (below image):


Prices for the buffet at Great World City are $36.90++ (Weekday), $38.90++ (Weekend) for lunch and $54.90++ (Weekday), $58.90++ (Weekend) for Dinner.


Prices for the buffet at Jurong Point are $32.90++ (Weekday), $34.90++ (Weekend) for lunch and $48.90++ (Weekday), $52.90++ (Weekend) for Dinner.



Website: www.kuishinbo.com.sg



Source: Kuishin Bo


Photos: Kuishin BoPosted by Admin in Restaurants on 31 Dec 2014


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