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Apple Japan’s 2015 FUKU Bag

Monday, 05 January 2015


Photo: Screen captured from Apple Store, Nagoya Sakae:Lucky Bag 2015 by Mac Otakara


An Apple store in Japan joined in the Japanese New Year tradition, Fukubukuro, last Thursday - giving its customers with great discount on Apple products and accessories. Also known as ‘Lucky Bag', the store at Fukubukuro usually offers a bag filled with random items and sold for a discount.


According to Japanese Apple blog, Mac Otakara, the Apple store at Nagoya Sakae offered four different types of bags in the 2015 Apple promotion and each Lucky Bag is sold for ¥36,000 (approximate SGD 400). All bags included an Apple product, Apple TV, PowerBeats 2 Wireless Headphones, Mophie Powerstation Battery Juice Pack, and an Incase ICON Slim backpack.


Japanese Apple blog, Macotakara (Credit: Mac Otakara / YouTube) 



Source: Japanese Apple blog, Mac Otakara


Photos: Screen captured / Mac OtakaraPosted by Admin in News on 05 Jan 2015


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