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Meet Ms Aiko Chihira

Monday, 12 January 2015


Image credit: Screen captured from Tomo News / Toshiba


Toshiba had finally unveiled Ms Aiko Chihira, a talking and singing android robot, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas last week. According to Toshiba's spokesperson, Aiko Chihira was created based on true facial expressions and human’s gestures, and such communication Android robot could possibly serve as a kind of hostess for 2020 Olympic Games.


In fact, lifelike robots are a big deal in Nippon, where you can find them doing everything from selling phones to stunt doubling for pop-idols...  Meanwhile, watch this interesting video from Tomo News: 



Video credit: Tomo News 



Article on Tomo News: Japan lifelike robots today will probably be tomorrow’s fap-o-matic



Disclaimer: This article and video were first published on Tomo News and certain content do not represent the views of HaiJapan.com


Photos: Screen captured from Tomo News / ToshibaPosted by Admin in Videos on 12 Jan 2015


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