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Secrets of Kyoto and Hot Spring Navigator

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Image credit: © KBS


Starting from January, two brand new series will be screening on Hello! Japan TV channel on every Wednesday. Secrets of Kyoto Unveiled 極上の京都 will be shown at 9pm and it takes you to discover the beauty of Kyoto. This brand new series invites masters from various field of expertise and explores the city through their perspective - Nature, things, food, shops, what Kyoto means to that person and the stories behind them all.


At 9.30pm, Hot Spring Navigator 温ナビ will introduce some of the best hot springs that are highly popular with young ladies across Japan. If you are looking forward to a hot springs tour in the Japan, also check out this weekly series for other information like good food, massages and open air baths.


Image credit: © KBS 


Source: Hello! Japan 

Photos: © KBSPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 14 Jan 2015


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