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A Deep Sea Future City Concept – Could this be real?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Image credit: Shimizu Corporation


The concept for a Deep Sea City of the Future, Ocean Spiral, may materialize by Shimizu Corporation, which is a leading Building, Civil engineering and Construction firm that offers a comprehensive solution for many projects worldwide.


The proposed Ocean Spiral comes with a Blue Garden which is a sphere measuring 500m in diameter and provides facilities like shopping, offices, hotels, residences and others.  The 75 storey colony can also accommodate 5,000 people and provide tourist attractions with deep sea park and observation gondola.


Five reasons for this development include the deep sea offers the potential to resolve five current crises in Japan - Food, Energy, Water, Carbon dioxide and Natural resources. How long it takes to complete will probably be another 15 years or more…



Dreams can come true, what do you think?


Images credit: Shimizu Corporation 



Source: Shimizu Corporation


Photos: Shimizu CorporationPosted by Admin in News on 14 Jan 2015


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