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Hair Jam, Not Hair Jam

Thursday, 05 June 2014


Enjoy fuss-free styling with a new, lightweight and non-sticky texture! Gatsby launches Hair Jam in three different styles: Tight Nuance, Smart Nuance and Rough Nuance. 


Gatsby Hair Jam is a brand new 'Natural Touch' powder styling technology that creates lightweight and natural hairstyles with a non-sticky formula.


From left: Tight Nuance, Smart Nuance and Rough Nuance


Hair Jam, Tight Nuance

Recommended those who desire suave and clean-cut look. 


Hair Jam, Smart Nuance

Recommended those who desire effortless and natural look.


Hair Jam, Rough Nuance

Recommended those who desire side-swept and playful look.


Look out for the Gatsby Hair Jam spoof contest on facebook: click here.



Source: www.gatsby.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GatsbySingapore


Photos: GatsbyPosted by Admin in Beauty on 05 Jun 2014


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