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One Million Yen Girl 百万円と苦虫女

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


© 2008 "One Million Yen Girl" film partners


Directed by Yuki Tanada, Hello! Japan’s Movie Pick-of-the-Month, ‘One Million Yen Girl’, will be screened on Sunday, 25 January 2015, at 9pm on Starhub TV channel 149. The 2008 Japanese movie is casted by Yu Aoi 蒼井優 as Suzuko, Mirai Moriyama 森山未來 as Ryohei Nakajima and Terunosuke Takezai 竹財輝之助 as Yuuki.



Suzuko is an unremarkable young teen that has trouble fitting in due to her clumsiness in expressing herself. While her younger brother is often praised for his smarts, her family and neighbours have nothing to say about Suzuko.


One day, Suzuko gets into trouble with the law due to a petty conflict and gets labelled with a criminal record. To avoid the judgment eyes of her neighbours, Suzuko vows to move out of the town alone once she has saved 1 million yen. What she lacks with her communication skills, she makes it up with nimble and skilful hands at craftwork and is able to get paid for her work. She embarks on her journey with her past secrets and moves from town to town. Each time she settles down, she would move on after having saved up 1 million yen for her next journey…


© 2008 "One Million Yen Girl" film partners 


Source: Hello! Japan

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