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This logo indicates Tax-Free Shop

Thursday, 22 January 2015


This logo indicates tax-free shop in Japan


Under the new Japan tax-free system which was introduced since October last year, the number of items eligible for tax exemption has been increasing. The number of tax-free zones has been expanded outside Tokyo and Osaka such as areas in Chiba, Saitama and Nagano Prefectures.


According to Japan Tourism Agency, consumable goods like Japanese snack, sweets, cosmetics and sakes are popular among the visiting tourists. To experience an enjoyable shopping in Japan, these consumable goods, which had not been tax free, had been added to the list of items eligible for tax exemption from October 2014.


All tax free shops in Japan that have applied to the Japan Tourism Agency will be given a logo indicating ‘Tax-Free Shop’. In your next shopping spree, remember to look out for this logo.



Source: Japan Tourism Agency


Photos: Japan Tourism AgencyPosted by Admin in News on 22 Jan 2015


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