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Japan's 'Konkatsu' Apartments

Tuesday, 03 February 2015


A konkatsu apartment (Image credit: Property Design Office (PDO) / Rintaro Kikuchi)


In Tokyo, the concept of 'Konkatsu' or 'Matchmaking apartment' may help to solve the problems of Japan's lonely singles. The fashionable one-bedroom apartment comes with spacious kitchen, plenty of windows, shower room or bath tub in the living room and a dance POLE which may create a romantic mood for some.


The idea behind the Konkatsu apartment is Mr Rintaro Kikuchi of Tokyo real-estate company, Property Design Office, who come up with his own solution to the country's problem. A video introduction can be found Vimeo, click here.



PS: Do we really need a pole to enhance marriage? Interesting concept.



Source: Property Design Office (PDO)


Photos: PDO / Rintaro KikuchiPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 03 Feb 2015


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