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The Black Gold Ramen

Wednesday, 04 February 2015


Ikasumi Corn Butter Tonkotsu Ramen (Image credit: Men-ichi Ramen / RE&S)


From 17 February 2015 till mid-May, Men-ichi Ramen will be serving ‘Black Gold’ specials in their latest menu features new noodles and broth with squid ink in the restaurant’s popular Sapporo miso tonkotsu soup.


Highlights of the black food which are rich in antioxidants include The Ikasumi Tonkotsu Ramen (at $14.90 per bowl) offers a blend of springy home-made curly noodles, succulent char siew, minced pork, soft flavoured egg, crunchy bamboo shoots and fragrant seaweed served in Sapporo miso tonkotsu soup with squid ink. For a richer, creamier broth, the Ikasumi Corn Butter Tonkotsu Ramen ($15.90) has the same luscious taste, topped with butter and sweet corn.



Squid ink also features in the Ikasumi Yakimeshi ($8.90), a delicious combination of Japanese short-grain rice fried with squid ink, fresh tiger prawns, crabmeat and egg.


Men-ichi Ramen are located at Northpoint (#01-22/23), Nex (#B1-79) and Jurong Point (#B1-53/54, Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street).




Source: Men-ichi Ramen / RE&S


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