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Are You Your Selfie?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Cyber-shotTM DSC-KW11 (Image credit: Sony Singapore)


Taking a great selfie is hard especially you are the person in front of and behind the camera. If you are thinking to take better pictures of yourself and still look good, explore this Sony luxurious and sleek Cyber-shotTM DSC-KW11 digital still camera which is designed to help capture the perfect selfie.


Mounted on a 180-degree swivel, the 21mm wide angle lens helps to give users the illusion of a slender body and a slimmer face for convenient and easy selfie shots. The Beauty Effect mode of the camera also provides users with a multitude of options that can be applied before and after taking the photo to achieve your desired look.


Available in four beautiful silky pearl colours (White, Pink, Green and Violet), the Cyber-shotTM DSC-KW11 is available at a recommended price of $999.


Cyber-shotTM DSC-KW11 (Image credit: Sony Singapore) 



Source: Sony Singapore


Photos: Sony SingaporePosted by Lester Boey in Technology on 11 Feb 2015


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