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Most Snowmen: New Guinness World Record

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Iiyama Snow Festival 2015 (Image credit: Iiyama Snow Festival Planning committee)


Situated in the north of Nagano Prefecture, location of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Iiyama City is known for its untouched natural scenery. The city has a rich food culture and beautiful natural landscapes including the Chikuma River which is Japan's longest river, and several mountain ranges.


On 15 February 2015, a new Guinness World Records was created for the most snowmen built in one hour at a snow festival. Men, women and children of all ages were participating in the annual Iiyama Snow Festival, braved the snow with a temperature around 3 degrees, to build a total of 1,585 snowmen.




Images credit: Iiyama Snow Festival Planning committee 



Source: Iiyama Snow Festival 2015 / Iiyama Snow Festival Planning committee


Photos: Iiyama Snow Festival Planning committeePosted by Admin in Around Asia on 18 Feb 2015


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