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Wearable Banana… Edible too!

Monday, 23 February 2015


Screen capture of Wearable Banana. Image credit: Dole Japan, Inc.


The world's first edible wearable device had unveiled at the recent Tokyo Marathon 2015 which is one of the largest Marathon events in Japan. The device can measure the runners' heart rate, lap time and display of figures onto a real banana, amazing?


Whether you are on time, on track, fast or slow, this 'banana' allow you to check your lap time and display of heart rate throughout the race. Last but not least, you get to eat the banana at the end of Marathon.


Image credit: Tokyo Marathon 2015 l東京マラソン2015 


Designed by Dole Japan, Inc., there are two types of Wearable Banana. The Gokusen bananas are great for energy supply and good to consumer before the race while the Lakatan bananas are great for recovery after crossing the finishing line.


Dole 'Wearable_Banana' Project / The world's first edible wearable. (YouTube video credit: Dole Japan, Inc.) 



Source: Dole Japan, Inc.


Photos: Dole Japan, Inc.Posted by Admin in News on 23 Feb 2015


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