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Nikon Image Space (One Thumb Up)

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Image credit: Screen captured / Nikon Image Space


A photo storage service for everyone who loves photos. The Nikon’s smart device app for online photo sharing, compatible for both iOS and Android devices, is renewed with optimized operations for both operating systems.


Launched in January 2013, Nikon Image Space is primarily intended for users of Nikon digital cameras, but opens to anyone who enjoys taking photos or recording movies. The photo storage service allows users to share photos with their family and friends in the form of a beautiful web album for easy viewing and photos that were sent can be easily viewed or resent in different arrangement.


L-R: Grid, Flow and Map


Come with two plans and free to register, the basic account has a 2GB storage capacity and allowing a maximum of 200 photos per album while special account which is dedicated for Nikon camera users, has a 20GB storage capacity, maximum 2,000 number of photos per album and has the ability to control downloadable content.


To compare the accounts' specification, click here



Source: Nikon Singapore


Photos: Screen captured / Nikon Image SpacePosted by Admin in Technology on 26 Feb 2015


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